Validation of novel balance assessment software using Microsoft Kinect v2.0

Objective and reliable assessment of balance and postural sway has the ability to drastically improve the screening process for risk of falls among elderly populations. Standard assessment protocols and questionnaires are in place, however these do not provide objective, reliable fall prediction. Standard concussion assessment protocols determine the presence and severity of a concussion, as well as the athlete’s return to play fitness by measuring balance and postural sway. However, these tests lack objectivity, and exhibit poor inter-examiner reliability. With the commercially available Microsoft Kinect v2.0 camera, Kinetisense, Inc. uses marker-less motion capture to measure postural sway in all three planes of motion objectively, and reliably. The Kinetisense software will be validated against gold standard Vicon motion capture and force plate data. Validation of the software is a critical step towards providing clinicians and researchers with the means to better understand balance and postural sway for a variety of populations.

Faculty Supervisor:

Reed Ferber


A.J. Macaulay


Kinetisense Inc




Medical devices




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