Validation of novel neurofeedback training engine for improving brain health in aging and neurodevelopmental disorders – Year two

Memory impairment is the most common complaint associated with aging. Promising interventions based on research are generally reserved for clinical settings. Technological advancement has now made it possible to administer neurofeedback, an established technique for self-regulating brain waves, using portable technology. xSensa Labs, the partner organization, has developed a digital solution that translates research protocols for neurofeedback into portable technology for improving cognition. Over the past year, the partner has sought validation of their mobile application by conducting a randomized control trial (RCT) to extend prior research by using wearable brain-sensing technology (e.g. BrainLink). At present, the partner aims to extend the original RCT to include 100 more samples to increase the sensitivity and generalizability of its neurofeedback engine. This scaling-up phase will allow digital health products developed by xSensa Labs to be launched to the general public with the goal of improving memory and attention in older adults.

Faculty Supervisor:

William Stevens


Zainab Fatima


xSensa Labs Inc




Medical devices




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