Validation of Novel, Tumor Microenvironment-based Targets for Biological Therapeutics

ImmunoBiochem is developing novel anti-cancer therapeutics to address unmet need in intractable solid tumors. Because solid tumors are highly heterogeneous and evasive, recognizing cancerous cells, while avoiding damage to normal tissue, is a challenge. As a result, many targeted therapies quickly come up against resistance, resulting in patient relapses. ImmunoBiochem is solving the issue of tumor versus normal recognition by exploiting cancer targets in the tumor environment – a collection of features that are uniquely present in tumors and absent in the environment of normal cells. This provides for an ability for broader targeting and opportunity to avoid many common resistance mechanisms. The interns will help advance the validation of novel drug candidates in models of various cancer types and subtypes, to understand efficacy and how to ultimately translate the findings to initiate clinical trials in human patients.

Faculty Supervisor:

Eldad Zacksenhaus;Robert Rottapel


Maruisz Shrestha








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