Validation of the Performance of an Embedded Sensor for Monitoring the In-situ Strength of Concrete at Low Temperatures

This project is designed to verify the performance of a wireless Smart-Rock™ sensor that is embedded in concrete during construction for non-destructive quality control at low temperatures. Various laboratory experiments will be conducted using the smart sensor at Queen’s University on different concrete mixtures at low temperatures. The data from these sensors are analyzed using a proprietary algorithm to estimate the compressive strength of concrete in real-time. The results will be validated against those obtained by direct compression test on cylindrical specimens. The successful completion of this project will provide useful data for the validation of the Smart-Rock™ sensor for quality control of concrete. These data will also be used to modify algorithms for estimating the strength gain of concrete at low temperatures. This will position the industrial partner (i.e. Giatec Scientific Inc.) as a leading-edge company in the area of smart concrete testing technologies.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mark Green


Farid Moradi-Marani


Giatec Scientific Inc.


Engineering - civil


Construction and infrastructure


Queen's University



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