Validation of the uHoo multi-channel low-cost air quality sensor

People world-wide spends about 87% of their time indoor. Furthermore, indoor pollutants can generate health risks; the smallest the pollutants diameter is and the higher the chance of an impact to the human health. Thus, it is critical to assess the amount and the dimension of particulates present in indoor environments, such as homes, offices, hospitals, libraries, etc. uHoo is an international company dedicated to the development of a low-cost indoor air quality sensor. Their sensors are currently available for purchase from both private and public associations. The uniqueness of uHoo sensors is the simultaneous recording of particles (PM 2.5) and gases (O3, VOC, CO2, CO and NOx). The data can be easily collected and recorded by using a WiFi connection. An improved validation of the sensors can be reached at the University of British Columbia, improving the validation and quality of uHoo portable indoor air quality sensors.

Faculty Supervisor:

Steven Rogak


Alberto Baldelli


uHoo Limited


Engineering - mechanical


Environmental industry



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