Vein depth estimation with Christie VeinViewer

The proposed project is aimed at developing image and signal processing algorithms to enable the Christie VeinViewer® device to determine approximate depth of veins. This is a challenging research project due to the limited amount of information available and real-time fast processing required. The VeinViewer® uses a single infrared wavelength and a CMOS camera to detect superficial veins. It then maps the location of the veins onto the skin surface with visible light in real time, and is used as an aide to clinicians to allow more accurate placement of Peripheral Intravenous Catheters (PIVs). Knowledge of vein depth would assist phlebotomists, clinicians, and infusion nurses to adjust their technique and approach angle, and allow for better understanding of venous anatomy and selection of an optimal vein target, which should lead to higher venous access success rates. The proposed project will span 4 months and be carried out at McMaster University and Christie Digital Systems in Kitchener, Ontario.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Tom J. Farrell


Diana Glennie


Christie Digital Systems Canada Inc.




Information and communications technologies


McMaster University



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