Vela Canada; Building Social Capital

Research has shown that persons with disabilities have difficulty establishing relationships and becoming involved in their communities, which can generate barriers to generating and maintaining social capital. Microboards are small groups of people who have agreed to collaborate with an individual with a disability to form a person-centered ‘board’. Microboards have generated anecdotal attention for the positive impacts they can generate on the enhancement of social capital in persons with disabilities, but there is limited formal research to date on the impacts of Microboards on individuals and communities. The proposed qualitative research project will conduct 1 interviews with individuals involved in Microboard systems (persons with disabilities, board members, and community members) in the province of British Columbia. Participants will be invited to share their experiences with Microboards related to social capital outcomes.

Faculty Supervisor:

Tim Stainton


Rae Morris


Vela Microboard Association of British Columbia


Social work


Other services (except public administration)




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