Verification of Elasto-Plastic Models in Svsolid Software

This project is to verify the elasto-plastic models in SVSolid software using the well]known FEM software, ABAQUS. SVSolid 2D/3D is powerful software designed specifically for geotechnical engineering field to conduct stress/deformation analysis, while ABAQUS is a software package designed for general engineering applications. The elasto-plastic model is applicable in many engineering materials. Three geotechnical engineering problems will be used to identify elasto-plastic models including von Miese, Mohr-Coulomb, Drucker Prager, and Cam-Clay models in SVSolid. The results from SVSolid will be compared with those from ABAQUS. The discrepancies will be identified and solved in this project. This project will contribute to SVSoild 2D/3D solving geotechnical engineering problems accurately and promote the business development of a Canadian software company. In the meantime, it will improve the graduate studentfs skills in solving engineering problems using different FEM software.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Jinyuan Liu


Hongmei Gao


SoilVision Systems Ltd.





Ryerson University



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