Verification, Validation and Expansion of the Business of Carbon Sequestration Through Land Reclamation and Afforestation

Fair Trade Carbon Limited (FTC) and its subsidiary Fair Trade Carbon Uganda are companies founded by UBC graduate students, Canadian tree planters and Ugandan educators in an effort to develop forest carbon markets in both countries based on a for-profit, community direct investment model. FTC Uganda currently manages eight tree plantations and with water scarcity in some areas, the company desires to know the effect of tree plantations on local water resources. The Plant 2010 Water Balance Model internship, a partnership with MITACS, will provide the company with high quality watershed research. The intern will produce a tool to guide land use planning in Uganda when considering long term water supply around new plantations. The intern will conduct a preliminary on site assessment of the watershed, install measurement equipment, and collect data and process results into the water balance model planning tool. The research will take place in multiple catchments in Ibanda District, Western Uganda. The water balance model will then be used by FTC managers when conducting site assessments and feasibility studies on prospective Carbon Park sites in Uganda.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. David Scott


Allison Tremain


Fair Trade Carbon Ltd.


Geography / Geology / Earth science




University of British Columbia



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