Victoria green economy

The proposed research is a collaboration between Vancity, the City of Victoria, and the University of Victoria to bring together the necessary information (financial, regulatory, and knowledge, respectively) to build a plan that will initiate Victoria’s Green Economy. Interns will be part of distinct interviewing panels that will research the needs, benefits, and obstacles of the development of a green economy. With that necessary information the interns will collaborate with the industry partners to devise strategic plans that would lead to a roadmap of how a green economy can be developed in Victoria. The major work will be to identify the drivers of a green economy and then how those drivers can be advanced in Victoria. This research has yet to be done in Canada and will serve to complement sustainability work done on the environment with a focus on the economic drivers. 

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Charlene Zietsma


Richard Tuck & other






Environmental industry


University of Victoria



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