Video Motion Detection and Tracking for Surveillance Applications

Surveillance is a growing need for many companies and organizations. The need to keep certain assets protected from theft, vandalism and other mischievous deeds is important to the well being of any organization. However, most places that require a security system have many cameras and areas that need to be monitored all at once. An autonomous system that automatically detects motion and can follow motion of interest can help alert the appropriate people that there is interesting activities occurring in certain cameras or areas. This project with ICX Technologies, a leader in the development and integration of advanced sensor technologies, will be divided into two phases. The first phase is the video motion detector. This module will sit on the client side of a decoded video stream and draw bounding boxes around what objects in the camera view are moving. Outdoor cameras will be used in this project and image shaking occurs in high zoom situations. To counter this, there will also be a picture stabilizer implemented. The object that is found moving will then be classified as human, vehicle or other and will also be tracked to its global position. This helps identify motion in secured sites without needing a human to constantly monitor the cameras. The second phase of the project is the automatic tracker. This option would allow a human controller to click one of the bounding boxes around an object discovered by the video motion detector. Once the object has been selected, the pan tilt zoom camera would automatically zoom into that target and follow it, keeping it in the center of its field of view. This allows a person (or object) moving through the scene to be followed without manual camera control in order to observe its behaviour.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Alexandra Branzan Albu


Joey Quevillon


ICX Technologies




Information and communications technologies


University of Victoria



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