Virtual Model of Traction Control and Electronic Stability Control Systems

The proposed research project focuses on designing a control system, which integrates algorithms of active vehicle safety technologies, such as traction control and electronic stability control systems, and implementing it to a commercial software for full vehicle simulations. The controller model will be designed on a specialized control system software, called Simulink, to be implemented to a full vehicle model. The controller will be verified during a full vehicle simulation by observing the vehicle stability in extreme maneuvers. The controller is expected to be tuned so that the full vehicle model’s behaviour with this controller is similar to the one with the black-box controller, which represents the control system used in the actual vehicle. This will improve the accuracy of full vehicle simulations by incorporating advanced vehicle dynamics control system models and will contribute to passengers’ safety early in the design cycle by improving vehicle stability in dynamic road situations.

Faculty Supervisor:

Bruce Minaker


Wonjo Jung



Engineering - mechanical




University of Windsor


Accelerate International

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