Virtual testing platform for design and optimization of cantilever-type sensors

Using a multiphysics approach, the intern will construct a model for the topological optimization of two distinct classes of cantilever-type sensors: one often encountered in the general industrial application and the other one customized for the specific needs of a biosensor. Altair Hyperworks will be the main software tool to be used for this particular type of optimization and the aforementioned type of sensors will be modeled and their behavior simulated in complex multiphysics conditions. These results will generate a software platform useful for testing several types of sensors (material-wise and class-wise) under diverse loading conditions (force, temperature, pressure, humidity) and will help the sponsor company in generating a portfolio on the niche of the market requesting such type of numeric modeling and simulation. On the same time, the results are of great value for the biological sensor developed by the intern in order to obtain his PhD degree. The student will benefit from the interaction with the company’s employees observing their needs and values which will further help to better adapt to the needs of the work market. 

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Ion Stiharu


Dacian Emilian Roman


Ohive Inc.


Engineering - mechanical


Information and communications technologies


Concordia University



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