Visual Analytics for Interactive Exploration and Monitoring of Consumer Health Data at Molecular You Corporation (MYCO)

The business of Molecular You Inc. (MYCO) is to provide a comprehensive Personalized Medicine bioinformatic and health monitoring program for disease prevention, detection, and treatment that integrates “omics“ data with behavioral, and environmental data for customers and their caregivers. This project is part of a larger initiative that “seeks to innovate in the way people think about health”. In this research program we will look at the design and evaluation of visual analysis tools to support the exploration, monitoring and communication of complex, large scale, diverse data from the Molecular You initiative to consumers. The success of MYCO will depend in part on the effectiveness of their human – information interface to complex health data. This project will setup the basis of a process of understanding how health care consumers and caregivers can understand complex health data, propose interventions, and assess the results through the use of interactive visualization environments. Considering the initiative is a rather new endeavor, the project represents both a challenge and a unique opportunity for implementing and evaluating human centered design methods.

Faculty Supervisor:

Brian Fisher


Nadya Calderon


Molecular You Corporation



Life sciences


Simon Fraser University



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