Visual enhancement in normal and abnormal visual system

Vision loss related to malfunctioning of the brain have always been believed to be unrecoverable in adults. Novel treatments, however, have shown the opposite. Visual stimulation is a computer-based system which devised visual stimuli are presented to participants. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is a non-invasive technique to deliver an electric current to the brain. Both treatments have shown promising results on recovering vision in participants with amblyopia (lazy eye) and in the ones who lost it following a stroke. We will study the benefits of combining these two techniques. To understand their effects on the brain, participants will be evaluated through functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging pre and posttreatment. We will study 20 participants with amblyopia and 90 participants that had post-stroke vision loss. The results provided by this research may help the development of new tools to enhance not only vision, but quality of life as well.

Faculty Supervisor:

Zahra Moussavi


Giovanni Travi






Medical devices




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