Visualization of multi-omics data in microbiome research

The transdisciplinary field of microbiome research combines computer science, data analytics and biology to decipher the complex interplay between the microbial communities in a given environment. New technologies are being used to generate complex data that provide information about genes, functions and metabolites in microbial communities, also referred to as ‘omics’ data. A common way to translate these omics data into meaningful biological information is through the use of visualization tools. To advance the available toolbox with open-source, easy to use, web-based applications, this project combines omics expertise from the Yergeau lab at INRS with visualization and programming expertise from the data visualization company Plotly. This project aims at developing interactive tools to compare and visualize multiple omics data, which will facilitate the handling of such data and help to explore genes, functions or metabolites of interest. INRS researchers will benefit from Dash Bio, Plotly’s software for enabling biological Web data visualization in the recently released R version. Plotly will benefit from new bioinformatics applications that use Dash R.

Faculty Supervisor:

Étienne Yergeau


Ruth Lydia Schmidt


Plotly Inc




Life sciences




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