Wahkohtowin Northeast Superior Guardian Program

Indigenous participation is integral to the advancement of community-led governance over natural resources development projects. Stemming from such undertakings is the need for effective and continuous environmental monitoring for mitigating impacts to traditional lands and waters. The research proposal is aimed at articulating community-identified values and objectives for the development of an effective and culturally appropriate Environmental Monitoring (EM) training program. The intent of the project is to contribute to the advancement of Indigenous practitioner presence in natural resources management and forestry. The project will include the design vocational skills training modules that are community-focused and community-led. The expected benefits of the project will include a contribution to the study of Indigenous land use and governance structures and the provision of expanded training options for Indigenous youth in resource management.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ashley Thomson


Erin Knight


Wahkohtowin Development General Partner Inc.


Resources and environmental management


Professional, scientific and technical services


Lakehead University



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