Washable wearables for affordable and aesthetic augmentation of visuo-tactile sensory-perception enhancement in mixed reality

The inclusion of touch and physical sensations from within Virtual Reality and other Mixed Reality experiences provides exciting opportunities from both an entertainment and academic perspective. Enhancing immersive integration within these environments is useful, beneficial and thus highly desired- whether we are looking to develop skills for use in challenging technical and medical or dangerous environments; physical-therapy work needing sensitive hand interaction; enhancing creative tools that use gestures and full-body movement; transferring realistic and complex sensations in virtual games or educational settings; understanding our sensory-perception systems under unique circumstances; or even social implications of regaining touch within available digital technologies. This internship addresses the open-problem of touch-based sensations from a perspective that values technical development methodologies focused on solutions that are: low-cost; open-source; accessible; washable; lightweight; and aesthetic. Wearable on the wrist and fingertips- this flexible prototype has the potential to provide greater access to viable developments in increased virtual sensory-perception.

Faculty Supervisor:

Graham Wakefield


Sarah Vollmer


Incubate Innovate Network of Canada




Professional, scientific and technical services


York University


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