Waste carpet resource management costs and opportunities

The general purpose and nature of the project is about the economic and environmental costs and opportunities associated with carpet recovery and manufacturing in Nova Scotia. This project encompasses dimensions of research and development, landfill diversion, and value added manufacturing. There are an increasing number of initiatives taking place in the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe involving the diversion of carpets from landfills, their recovery and the separation of materials for recycling. Carpet recovery is now a concern in some Canadian provinces and of the carpet industry itself. Nova Scotia wishes to explore the environmental and economic costs and opportunities of several options for diverting and recovering carpet and associated materials in this province. Nova Scotia is interested in the best value for the province in terms of diversion, value‐added manufacturing and jobs. Management options could include a separation and primary processing facility here in the Nova Scotia and/or the use of this material as a fuel replacement for such facilities as cement kilns.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Raymond P. Côté


Caroline Morissette


Resource Recovery Fund Board Maritime Paper Products Limited


Resources and environmental management




Dalhousie University



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