Waste Heat Recovery for High Energy Efficiency: Simulation-Based Analysis and Design

Combined heat and power generation (CHP) is an efficient method of recovering waste heat of flue gas in internal combustion engines. CHP using natural gas (NG CHP) is actually a NG power generator combined with a waste heat recovery (WHR) system. The by-product heat from the electricity generation is captured by passing the high temperature flue gas through a heat exchanger, referred to as heat recovery unit (HRU). In collaboration with FEED engineering, whose area of expertise is design and analysis of energy systems, we intend to develop an innovative heat exchanger design to recover the waste heat of flue gas at the high and medium temperature ranges. The developed heat exchanger design will be part of a HRU which will be integrated into a WHR system. We also aim to establish an enduring partnership with FEED for future collaborations in designing, fabrication and test of an advanced WHR system (SmartGen).

Faculty Supervisor:

Joshua Brinkerhoff;Abbas Sadeghzadeh Milani;Sunny Ri Li


Mehdi Jahandardoost


FEED Engineering


Engineering - mechanical


Professional, scientific and technical services




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