Water Privatization in India: The social, cultural and political implications of contemporary Indian water management

For the purpose of this research, I will be going Northern India to the Punjab state in order to study the way in which water is and the perceptions by local communities to these strategies. The rationale for Northern India is based on the dynamic changes to how water is
accessed in the region. Water privatization has been promoted throughout India by both federal authorities and external agents, and as such the State of Punjab is looking to privatize water in the state in phases. By conducting field research in the region, I will be able to provide a first glimpse into the future for the region and the (potential) future of the whole country should water privatization continue as a water management strategy. While there I will conduct interviews and focus groups on the experiences of water management in Northern India with various community members and stakeholders. I expect that a neoliberal ideology has governed the decisions made
about how to deal with scarcity, drought, and water access more generally and this is why privatization has become a legitimate option even though it contradicts constitutional laws in India.

Faculty Supervisor:

Simon Springer


Jennifer Mateer



Geography / Geology / Earth science



University of Victoria



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