Water Protection and Participatory Film Making: Empowering connections among intercultural groups, Indigenous youth, water, culture, tradition, and technology

The shared goal of researching how filmmaking can be an effective tool in contributing to water protection efforts, and in promoting safe water access for Indigenous communities, has brought together groups from different cultures, sectors, and countries (Canada and Australia). This internship, with the industry partner River Voices Productions will allow the intern to conduct interviews (with individuals and groups) to produce an academic article focused on best practices in innovative research methodologies like filmmaking with groups.

More specifically, during the interviews (to be conducted online because of COVID-19), the intern will show film footage gathered from previous research activities that were conducted in 2019 with a group of Indigenous youth from Northern Quebec. Highlights will include clips from: a 10-day cultural canoe expedition, a trip to Australia to meet Indigenous communities there, visits to a hydro-electric dam and a desalination plant, participating in water testing and water ceremonies, as well as learning about traditional stories and water policy making.

The research interviews will relate to innovative research practices like film making that maximize sharing research knowledge in adaptive and novel ways; findings from this work will be disseminated in an academic publication.

Faculty Supervisor:

Monica Mulrennan


Kristine Franks


River Voices Productions




Information and cultural industries


Concordia University



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