Watershed Modeling in Big Creek watershed

This internship is in partnership with the Canadian Water Network. The present effort is to train a graduate student intern on the studies related to assessment of water quantitiy regime of Big Creek watershed. The Big Creek watershed, with its drainage area over 7,000 hectares (17,000 acres) is one of the most important watersheds in the southern part of the Essex Region. Big Creek Marsh, consisting of approximately 900 hectares (2,500 acres), is a Provincially Significant Wetland that has a controlled outlet to Lake Erie. The student intern will be working on a joint project initiated by the Town of Amherstburg, ERCA and other stakeholders to develop appropriate strategies for the watershed management under present conditions, and as land use and other changes occur over time. The study focuses on understanding on the movement of water in its various forms and pathways, and developing an understanding on the uses of water over time, on, through and below the surface of the earth. It determines the temporal and spatial distribution of volumes of surface water available for the benefit of both human population and natural systems.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Tirupati Bolisetti


Masihur Rahman


Essex Region Conservation Authority





University of Windsor



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