Web-based Goal Management Training™ in older adults with cognitive impairment: a randomized-controlled trial examining feasibility and efficacy – Year two

As the Canadian population is aging, more and more Canadians will show cognitive decline. Aging and certain types of
neurological disorders is often associated with deficits in executive functions: goal maintenance, planning, task
switching and attention. These functions are critical for the maintenance of functional independence. Few validated
rehabilitation approaches for these types of deficits exist. One rehabilitation approach, Goal Management Training™
(GMT), has shown promise. In its standard implementation, GMT is led in small groups. Although this approach is
effective, it has significant practical limitations (limited accessibility and high cost). The goal of the proposed research
is to design an automated, web-based GMT training program that can be delivered remotely, to assess its feasibility in
older adults and patients with deficits in executive functions and to compare its efficacy to an active control group
that would participate in an online activity that we do not expect to improve cognition.

Faculty Supervisor:

Brian Levine


Vessela Stamenova






Information and communications technologies


University of Toronto



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