Web-based mobile mental health technology in an acute care setting

The use of mobile technology is on the rise including access to mental health-related applications and websites. There is a wealth of information available and numerous intervention strategies focused on treatment and support for mental health concerns. However, inpatient psychiatry often discourages patients’ use of electronic technologies and web-accessible mobile phones. The proposed study involves brief interviews with patients admitted to inpatient care at St. Paul’s Hospital to determine their access to a mobile device, understand their current use of mobile health and web-based services, and their interest in adopting additional web-based mental health tools to their program of care. Based on results from this survey and an evaluation of currently available tools, we will be making recommendations for the potential incorporation and adaptation of e-mental health technology to the program of care in inpatient psychiatry.

Faculty Supervisor:

Michael Krausz


Fiona Choi


St Paul's Hospital Foundation




Life sciences


University of British Columbia



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