Weed and Crop Leaf Area Estimation for Variable Rate Applications

Precision agriculture practices increase productivity while rationalizing farm inputs. It mitigates the adverse impacts of chemical inputs on the environment. The variable rate is one of the commonly used precision agriculture practices where inputs are applied based on site-specific needs. CropPro Consulting uses soil properties like electrical conductivity, topography, and water flow patterns to generate a single layer SWAT map categorizing land into 10 zones. These SWAT maps are used for variable rate seeding and fertilizers. The goal of this research project is to develop deep learning models for variable rate herbicide using limited ground imagery and SWAT maps. A pilot study had already been conducted to explore this potential. This research project will extend the concept for a wide range of crops in Prairies and integrate the developed solution in the SWAT map workflow. The developed workflow will help CropPro Consulting in commercializing variable rate herbicide application.

Faculty Supervisor:

Abdul Bais


Muhammad Hamza Asad;Vincent Chan


CropPro Consulting






University of Regina



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