Weight Management in Morbidly Obese Patients

Our objective is to examine the physical and behavioral characteristics of severely obese patients at the Wharton weight management clinic. We will utilize the patient records at enrollment to characterize this cohort, and administer additional questionnaires that are not routinely given by the clinic that will be completed by patients on a voluntary basis. During the internship, the students will be trained to conduct some of the baseline assessments at the first patient visit. The other time will be spent in management and analysis of the clinical data so that it is in a useable database for statistical analyses. Specifically, the three students funded under this proposal will each conduct a study using the aforementioned data that will be part of their MSc thesis dissertation.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Jennifer Kuk


Saaqshi Sharma, Erika Yates, Jacinta Reddigan


Wharton Medical Clinic & Weight Management Centre




Life sciences


York University



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