What are the factors influencing the socioeconomic impact of COVID-19 among Canadians?

Beyond the devastating physical health crises, COVID-19 and its related social distancing measures has wreaked havoc on the economic-, mental-, and social-health of Canadians. The Association for Canadian Studies has been collecting behavioural, economic, and social data from Canadians weekly since March 9 and continues to do so. Our goal is to identify the socioeconomic factors that have had the most effect on the lives of Canadians. The expected benefits to the organizations, and to Canadians in general, is to have an ongoing, fact-based record of the social, economic and behavioural conditions of Canadians as they have experienced the COVID-19 virus and related social distancing measures.

Faculty Supervisor:

Lori Wilkinson


Sally Ogoe


Association for Canadian Studies


Resources and environmental management




University of Manitoba



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