What does the extant literature and needs assessment determine is the most effective mentorship model for low SES Black children?

The purpose of this project is to support the effective planning, design, development, implementation, and maintenance of a new mentorship program through the YCMA of Greater Toronto serving Black youth in priority neighbourhoods in Toronto’s east end, namely the Galloway, Malvern and Dorset Park neighbourhoods in Scarborough. This program seeks to support educational achievement and create change across the system of employment for Black youth by bringing them together with adult Black professionals and role models within individual and group mentoring sessions through schools, employment organizations, and social service organizations. As such, the research asks: What relevant literature exists about mentorship programs for Black youth in the Canadian context? What are the research findings pertaining to the most effective program designs and implementation methods? Where are the gaps in both research and service provision where the mentorship of Black Canadian youth are concerned, specifically girls? What such services exist for these communities? What are the needs of these communities? Answers to these questions will be sought through a literature review/scoping study and a needs assessment through community outreach and engagement sessions.

Faculty Supervisor:

Camisha Sibblis


Elizabeth Warner;Claudette Brown


YMCA of Greater Toronto


Social work




University of Windsor



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