What Matters

Nurses and care workers have long struggled to provide high quality care for people with dementia. Struggling to connect is one of the main causes of responsive behaviours and staff injuries within hospitals and long term care homes. Staff must be empowered to deliver individualized care with a focus on what matters to the older person. Our objective is to develop a mobile app called “WhatMatters” to equip the staff with the tools needed to deliver individualized care to people with dementia. We will follow an iterative process and work closely with stakeholders, inviting them into the design process by arranging workshops and encouraging them to test the different iterations.
The anticipated outcome is to reduce staff injuries associated with behavioural events and promote cost savings within the healthcare system. The partner organization will benefit by learning the process of collaboration with multiple academic and healthcare institutions.

Faculty Supervisor:

Caylee Raber;Lillian Hung


Eva Egeberg


Raccoopack Studios Inc.






Emily Carr University of Art and Design



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