White Sturgeon Movement and Habitat Use in the Lower Columbia River

The White Sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus) population in the lower Columbia River was listed as endangered under the Species at Risk Act in 2006. Natural recruitment failure has occurred since the 1970s, with regular spawning occurring but insufficient numbers of viable offspring reaching juvenile stage to sustain the population. A recovery strategy has included the establishment of a successful hatchery to supplement the population while research into recruitment failure and collection of baseline biological data continues. Since 2007, BC Hydro has tagged adult sturgeon to track their movements. With these data, we will investigate the effects of BC Hydro river regulation on movement and habitat use and interaction between sturgeon of different river sections and origin. This research will directly support the recovery of this endangered White Sturgeon population, will be applicable to other sturgeon recovery programs within Canada and will support the development of sustainable hydropower operation and river regulation in British Columbia.

Faculty Supervisor:

Eduardo Martins


Sebastian Dalgarno


BC Hydro






University of Northern British Columbia



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