Whitebark Pine and Grizzly Bear Research and Recovery in Southwest BC

Whitebark pine is an important high elevation species in BC’s coastal mountains, but it is vulnerable to extinction due to threats such as pest outbreaks and climate change. The species is therefore in dire need of restoration and research to both sustain future populations, and improve scientific knowledge of its ecological functions. The internship involves assisting in an enhancement and research program being conducted by Keefer Ecological Services Ltd. and the Lillooet Tribal Council. The intern will be involved with cone collection, seed planting, conducting health and productivity surveys, mapping stands, and conducting public outreach regarding whitebark pine. In addition to these functions, the student will also lead and conduct wildlife surveys in stands to better understand habitat and forage values of whitebark pine. Information gathered on use and consumption by grizzly bears in the Lillooet area may provide novel and beneficial insight into the poorly understood relationship among these species in Canada. 

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Don Eastman


Yvonne Patterson


Keefer Ecological Services Ltd.


Environmental sciences


Fisheries and wildlife


University of Victoria



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