Wind turbines challenges for remote communities with cold and harsh environments

The project is focused on supporting the idea of establishing small wind turbine units to generate electricity by each owner either for domestic or commercial use. The main benefit to the individual will be paying low electric bills which might reach zero if they generate all their capacity consumptions. Also, these units can be installed on the roofs of the residential houses, buildings, malls, gas stations to generate free electricity. The customers of these units have the option to use electrical snow melting system like driveway heating system where they are not afraid of an electricity bill. Moreover, SWT will be a suitable investment to customers who are caring about their retirement because they will avoid any concern about utility rate increases. Commonco Inc is interested in trading, constructing, and maintenance of small wind turbine units to generate electricity in a small-scale for domestic and commercial rules.

Faculty Supervisor:

Amgad Hussein


Mahmoud Said


Commonco Inc


Engineering - civil


Alternative energy




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