Wintering Hills Reverse Auction

This research would determine the costs of securing and restoring drained wetland areas on private lands in the Wintering Hills area of Alberta, Canada, through the use of an approach called a “reverse auction.” Collaborating with Ducks Unlimited Canada, the project would pay farmers to allow wetlands to be restored on their property. The payment levels would be determined by the landowners through the auction process. Understanding the costs of restoration is largely unknown, but is critical for the Government of Alberta as they implement the 2013 Alberta Wetland Policy. The research also aims to understand how to efficiently implement and utilize reverse auctions to gain access to ecological assets located on private lands through proper compensation to the owners of these lands. The project will also restore wetlands in the Wintering Hills region of southern Alberta, contributing to environmental improvements in the local watershed.

Faculty Supervisor:

Peter Boxall


Lucas Novak


Ducks Unlimited Canada


Environmental sciences


Fisheries and wildlife


University of Alberta



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