Wire arc additive manufacturing and post-fabrication heat treatment of PH 13-8Mo martensitic stainless steel

The proposed Mitacs E-Accelerate project aims to develop the application of 3D-printing technique, and facilitate the transformation from conventional fabrication methods to newly developed additive manufacturing technologies for Canadian industrial sectors. One of the main barriers that prevents the wide-spread utilization of 3D-printing technique is the uncertainties in the resultant performance of the as-printed parts. Therefore, this project will focus on the better understanding of the resultant microstructural features and mechanical properties of the 3D-printed metallic components. To further evaluate the performance and efficiency of the implemented 3D-printing technique, the characteristics of the 3D-printed component will be compared with conventionally fabricated counter parts. Furthermore, to modify the microstructure and improve the mechanical integrity and ultimately the service life of the fabricated parts, optimum heat treatment cycles will be developed and applied to the as-printed components.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ali Nasiri


Alireza Vahedi Nemani;Mahya Ghaffari


12653681 Canada Inc.


Engineering - mechanical


Professional, scientific and technical services


Dalhousie University


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