Wireless Sensor Networks for Forest Monitoring

Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) have been considered for various applications including forest monitoring. WSN allow the user to have real-time spatial monitoring of the parameters of interest. For instance, with forest fire detections, the sensor nodes measure weather parameters such as temperature, humidity, precipitation and wind speed. Then, these parameters are forwarded to the control units to detect and/or predict forest fire risk. In this project, we aim to design algorithms and protocols for WSN-based forest monitoring systems. Furthermore, we plan to design and implement a WSN prototype to test and analyze the scalability and economical factors. The project can benefit the partner by addressing the problems of forest fire, pollutions and wild life violations. These problems cause significant losses including human injuries, life causalities, resident evacuation, financial losses and ecological damage. The proposed monitoring system aims to minimize these losses and damages.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Mohamed Hossam Ahmed


Mohammad Abdul Azim


Natural Resources Canada






Memorial University of Newfoundland



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