Workplace Resilience Training: Evaluating the impact of the Be Fit at Work program on individual and organizational outcomes

This research has two main foci: (1) resilience and resilience intervention and (2) workplace dignity. The first main focus of this project is to evaluate Air Institute’s current evidence-informed Pathway to Resilience program, specifically their effectiveness in impacting the key resilience factors targeted in each workshop. This research will also examine data in order to identify certain resiliency factor correlations and/or profiles in order to provide more value to current organizational reports and key insights. Furthermore, this project will develop and deliver online resilience resources (designed in an online course format) based on Air Institutes’ Be Fit at Work program and examine whether this alternative program delivery method can impact the same outcomes as the original in-person workshop intervention model. The second main focus of this project is to validate a newly developed measure of workplace dignity that can eventually be used for additional research and organizational assessment purposes. This project will examine the relationships (both cross-sectionally and longitudinally) between workplace dignity and other important workplace constructs such as mental well-being. All data will come from a mix of cross-sectional and longitudinal self-report surveys.

Faculty Supervisor:

Kevin Kelloway


Tabatha Thibault


Air Institutes




Management of companies and enterprises


Saint Mary's University



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