X-ray Microtomography Imaging and Finite Element Modeling of Copper-Coated Steel Corrosion Processes for Long-Term Nuclear Waste Management

Through the Mitacs internship program, the Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) is partnering with Western University researchers to build confidence in the lifetime of copper-coated steel containers, proposed as one of several barriers that will keep nuclear waste contained and isolated from the environment. The intern, Ms. Thalia Standish, will simulate the corrosion of copper-coated steel materials in a variety of conditions, followed by three-dimensional imaging using X-ray microtomography. Together with her supervisor, Dr. David Shoesmith, Ms. Standish will work with the NWMO technical experts, including corrosion scientist Dr. David Hall, to develop statistical models of the corrosion behaviour and lifetime predictions of the copper-coated steel materials. During this program, Ms. Standish will develop skills and experience in corrosion, materials science, and modeling techniques. The results will complement ongoing programs at Western and the NWMO to ensure the long-term safety of Canadians and the environment.

Faculty Supervisor:

David Shoesmith


Thalia Standish


Western University






Western University



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