Yóntstha Ka’nikonhrí:yo (Using a Good Mind)

This research project seeks to examine the Haudenosaunee cultural principles of Kayaneren’kó:wa (The Great Law), Skén:nen (Peace and Balance), Ka’satsténshera (Power and Unity), and Ka’nikonhrí:yo (Good Mind / Righteousness). Through research of historical documents, investigation of the current literature, and consultation with Haudenosaunee knowledge keepers, this project seeks to discover innovative ways that these cultural concepts can be applied in the twenty-first century and beyond. In collaboration with Kaha:wi Dance Theatre, the findings of this research will be utilized to develop operating principles and a strategic plan to be used by the partner organization. The findings of this research will also benefit Indigenous individuals and organizations that seek to promote the revitalization of Indigenous culture and language through Indigenous cultural based principles.

Faculty Supervisor:

Michael Doxtater;Brandon Martin;Ivona Kucerova


Kurtis Commanda


Kaha:wi Dance Theatre


Languages and linguistics


Arts, entertainment and recreation




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