Zero+ Fleet Energy Simulation Tool

In many cities, fleet operators are evaluating the potential environmental benefits of replacing gasoline-fuelled vehicles by alternative vehicles, particularly electric vehicles. In this process, reductions in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions can be achieved. In this project, the company HDR proposes to partner with the Transportation and Air Quality (TRAQ) research group at the University of Toronto to develop the HDR Zero+ fleet energy simulation tool. This tool uses data from Global Positioning Systems (GPS) for a set of vehicles associated with a fleet operator, and quantifies the reductions in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions associated with electrifying a portion of the fleet. The tool subsequently proposes a charging schedule that enables operators to fulfill their tours using electric vehicles while reducing greenhouse gas emissions from electricity generation.

Faculty Supervisor:

Marianne Hatzopoulou;Daniel Posen


Marc Saleh;Junshi Xu;An Wang


HDR Corporation


Engineering - civil


Professional, scientific and technical services


University of Toronto



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