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What is an open project?

The projects posted here are research projects suggested by companies that are looking for interns to support them. They are not pre-approved to start: once a match is successfully made between a company and a prospective intern, a Mitacs Accelerate research proposal must be developed and submitted to Mitacs for review. Prospective interns will have the support of their supervisor, and they will receive input from the company to prepare the proposal. The companies are generally happy to speak with prospective academic supervisors and interns to further discuss the details of the research involved before a proposal is submitted. The business development team at Mitacs is available to provide support at each step of the process. Business development representatives will help in setting up meetings and make sure that the interests and expertise of the academic partner are well-matched for the research challenge the company is facing.

Please refer to the Accelerate program guide for more information about the application procedure.


For professors

The opportunities that are posted as “open projects” comprise standard Accelerate research-focused projects. They will seek funds from the company & Mitacs provided towards the project as a grant to the professor. Some of these opportunities may have the potential to develop into longer-term collaborations with companies on a larger scale.

For more information, contact openprojects(at)


For interns

Before applying to an open project, please ensure you read the following:

  1. Check your eligibility (see “Intern Eligibility Criteria” section below). There are no deadlines to apply – ensure you submit your application at least six months before your planned graduation / end of Post-Doc to allow enough time for proposal writing and review, plus sufficient time (at least four months) for the internship. Grad students and post-docs must be enrolled at the university by the project start date and maintain status throughout the internship. Applications can be submitted in anticipation of being enrolled as a grad student / post-doc at the planned start date of the project.
  2. Disciplines. The disciplines listed in the project descriptions are not mandatory. Graduate students or post-docs in other disciplines with required skills, expertise and interests are also welcome to apply.
  3. Confirm with your supervisor. Interns will need a university supervisor for the Accelerate internship (typically a graduate student’s thesis supervisor). For expectations of the intern’s supervisor, refer to the program guide. Please make sure that your prospective internship supervisor agrees for you to do the internship and that they will supervise you while doing it.
  4. Applications from universities outside of the company’s province. Applications for projects based in one province are welcome from graduate students and post-doctoral fellows at universities in other provinces. Interns are expected to spend at least half of the time of the internship (i.e. a minimum of two months per 4 month internship) at the company site and will therefore have to travel and arrange for accommodation. Mitacs has a travel subsidy program available to support internships where the university and the company are located in different provinces.


Interested in a project? What’s next?
  • Complete this webform. You will be asked to upload your CV.
  • Remember to indicate the reference number of the projects(s) you are interested in and obtain your professor’s approval to proceed!

On receipt of your information, Mitacs will check that you meet the Mitacs Accelerate eligibility requirements and make sure that there is a fit with the required skills and background the company is looking for. If so, we will send your information to the company and if they are interested, we will put you in touch with them and leave it to you and the company to decide if there is a match. We can assist with setting up a meeting between the prospective intern, company and university supervisor to further discuss the project and suitability.


Intern eligibility criteria
  • Interns need to be enrolled full-time at a Canadian university as a graduate student (Master’s or PhD level) or as a post-doctoral fellow for the whole duration of the internship.
  • Interns should not delay graduation to participate in the Mitacs Accelerate program.
  • Post-doctoral fellows are eligible within five years of the completion of their first doctoral degree.
  • The academic supervisor of the prospective intern needs to grant his/her approval for the internship.
  • Please check the Accelerate program guide for more information.


To view the current open internship opportunities, click on one of the links below:


For more information, contact openprojects(at)



Frequently Asked accelerate Questions

I am a student with a project idea but no industry partner. Can Mitacs help me find a company?

Mitacs works to connect industry with the most appropriate university expertise to solve challenges identified by the company.  With the large number of potential interns seeking industrial partners, Mitacs cannot offer individualized matching to a particular researcher however, you can consult our suggestions as to how to go about finding a partner company.

Can I complete my full internship at the University and interact with the company virtually?

Normally interns are expected to spend at least 50% of their internship with the company at their site(s).  If your host company is in a remote location or there are other unique circumstances that challenge the interaction, you may request flexibility for a lower ratio of interaction with the company.  Please consult with your business development representative while writing your proposal.  

Can I hold both an Accelerate and a tri-council (or provincially) funded studentship or fellowship?

Although Mitacs does not have any restrictions, many other granting agencies do not allow fellowship and studentship recipients to hold certain grants concurrently.  Please check with the relevant council or agency for current information regarding your specific grant prior to applying.

Can I do an internship with a research lab, NGO, Municipality, or Government agency?

The vast majority of Mitacs Accelerate Internships are funded in part by the national IRDI program, which limits industrial partners to privately owned or incorporated for-profit Canadian companies.  In some regions, there may be additional funding from other sources to support a limited number of partnerships with not-for-profit or government  entities.  Please contact a Business Development representative in your region to determine if such funding is available.

Latest accelerate News

Proteocyte Diagnostics initiates a Cost-Effectiveness Analysis with support from Mitacs
28 August 2014
Toronto, ON: Proteocyte Diagnostics Inc. of Toronto announced their collaboration with Mitacs Accelerate to conduct an economic evaluation of its predictive technology for the early detection of...

 My Mitacs-Accelerate internship gave me a unique opportunity to undertake a research project in industry.  The project was not only relevant to my research interests but also in the immediate interest of the industrial partner.  The internship helped me to gain an appreciation of the research problems in the industry and their significance. Additionally, it helped me to expand my network and help others expand theirs.  Finally, I encourage both companies and students alike to use this unique opportunity to pursue technical challenges and above all, build fruitful relationships that will last for a long time.

Dilan Amarasinghe, Mitacs-Accelerate intern from Memorial University of Newfoundland, with partner Verafin Inc.

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