Effect of novel iron chelators on cell growth inhibition by anti-mitotic drugs and irradiation

Iron is required for the growth of all animal cells, being necessary for the proper function of diverse enzyme systems and the expression of certain genes, as well as for the production of oxygen radicals that function as signal transduction intermediates and help defend against microorganisms.

Production of Sex-specific Bovine Embryos Using Immunoselected Spermatozoa

The development of an effective technology that permits the selection of sperm bearing either a X or Y chromosome without damaging fertilization capacity of the sperm and embryo development is of great interest in animal production because it will permit the farmers to chose the sex of offspring when breeding their animals. In order to develop such technology, this research project will explore the use of single domain antibodies or nanobodies that specifically attach to Y-chromosome-bearing as a method to produce sex-selected bovine embryos.