Xahive Expansion Project

The XAHIVE mandate is to improve the privacy and security of communication between professionals. At XAHIVE, Carleton students will be researching a differentiator in communication encryption and decryption coupled with a significant increase the convenience while retaining all levels of existing functionality. Additionally, students will be researching methods and processes to convert XAHIVE into an extensible platform that can be integrated into existing solutions and to enable the development of new solutions by third parties.

A Virtualized Cloud-based Multi-Tenant Environment for Developing Software Defined Network Products

The proposed research will develop a virtualized cloud-based multi-tenant environment tor testing and developing software defined networking products on a national scale. Similar centers are being built in other jurisdictions (Japan, Europe) but this is the first such initiative in Canada. We are partnering with CENGN, which is a consortium of industry partners who wish to create a shared ecosystem where new product development can be supported and shared within the consortium.

Economic Analysis to Determine Gaps and Challenges Experienced by Women Owned Businesses in York Region and Simcoe County

This research will investigate needs that women entrepreneurs in York Region and Simcoe County have that, if addressed, could strengthen the success of these businesses, with a particular focus on smaller companies. We will examine cultural, industry, sociological and competency factors that influence the performance of women-owned businesses and self-employed women from an economic standpoint, with a particular focus on productivity and profitability of women-owned businesses.

The process of embedding sustainability throughout a global organization

This project will explore how organizations with global operations implement change initiatives for greater environmental and social sustainability over time. Specifically, we are interested in how employees from various global sites make sense of these change and enact initiatives and whether there are different patterns of sensemaking and enactment among the company's global subsidiaries.

How Chinese IPO Affect Capital Flow in the Market and Its Historical Change over Changing IPO Regulations

Yirun Ryan Li will be closely working with Dr. Shen, on his project that aims to observe, through empirical data, how IPO affects the Chinese market and how this effect is changing as IPO regulations evolve over time. Under Dr. Shen’s guidance, Ryan will study literature in the history of Chinese IPO regulations and identify key dates that relates to major IPO issuances and regulation changes. Ryan will work with Dr.

Investigating the Implementation of Machine Learning Algorithms on Adiabatic Quantum Solvers

Machine learning is an active field of research and development to provide tools and technologies for finding significant patterns in data. Behind every face detection and face recognition software in digital cameras or social network websites a constantly under-development machine learning algorithm is working. Nowadays in any practical applications of machine learning we have to analyze huge amounts of data. Using classical approaches to train machine learning algorithms for some classes of algorithms is either very slow, requiring a lot of computing resources, or inefficient.

Strengthening Canadian Competitiveness by Strengthening Local Value Chains

This proposed study is an unprecedented attempt by a North American municipality to proactively identify and strengthen the components of its local value chain to inform a comprehensive strategy dedicated to growing opportunities in local advanced manufacturing, targeting increasingly interwoven value chains. Surrey has the space and existing capabilities to become an advanced manufacturing hub for Canada, growing supply chains and attracting participants, which in turn will drive on-shoring of high value manufacturing in the region.

Benefit Agreement Opportunities for the Newfoundland Start-Up Community

The goal of this research is to explore opportunities for the Newfoundland and Labrador government to optimize BAs with oil and gas companies in a manner that feeds the development of entrepreneurship and innovation throughout the province. IVC Consulting Inc. is a Newfoundland-based consulting group that helps clients find innovative, valuable and creative ways to improve their business. IVC often works with resource sector businesses to identify opportunities to increase their competitive advantage and public profile in the local market.

Vers un environnement engageant sur l’investissement socialement responsable au sein d’un dispositif de sensibilisation sur le Web

L’objectif de ce projet de recherche est d’identifier l’ensemble des éléments permettant de développer un environnement engageant sur l’investissement socialement responsable (ISR) (c’est-à-dire menant au changement comportemental) au sein d’un dispositif de sensibilisation sur le Web. Il répond aux deux freins majeurs du développement actuel du marché du détail de l’ISR : un manque d’information et une complexité des produits ISR. Ce projet répond à la fois à la mission, aux objetctis et à l’engagement en termes de développement durable de Fondaction.

Knowledge Recombination and Alliance Strategy in Science-based Businesses Year Two

Project Objectives:

1. To identify the best practices in knowledge recombination by comparing science-based multinational corporations and start-up firms.

2. To suggest refinements in alliance strategies for science-based multinational corporations and start-up firms.

3. To uncover processes and organizational structures to productively exploit the confluence of biotechnology and nanotechnology by MNCs.

Motivation for Research: