Modelling of integrated biomass gasification and solid oxide fuel cell systems

Integrated solid oxide fuel cell and biomass gasification systems are one of the most promising energy technologies of the future. Usage of this system to utilize biomass yields better performance and environmental impact compared to the conventional biomass utilization technologies, e.g. steam turbine and internal combustion engine. However, to get the most benefit from this system, the configurations and operating parameters of this system should be optimized, which can be done through modeling.

Study of dielectric response in progressive tension-increase tests on stator windings on large rotating machines

Progressive tension-increase tests are one of the diagnostic methods currently used by Hydro-Québec for the stator isolation system on its hydro alternators. This test is part of MIDA, an expert diagnostics toolkit in use at Hydro-Québec. The effect of certain flaws affecting the quality of the signal during the test, especially with regard to the problem of copper-insulation delamination, has yet to be investigated.