Investigation of biomarkers of response to treatment with marizomib in GBM patients

Development of cancer is mainly due to uncontrolled cell growth and the proteasome is a cellular component that regulates this process. Resistance to chemotherapy is the main reason for cancer treatment failure, and therefore,there is a need for development of new and potent drugs. Recent studies have shown that proteasome inhibitors effectively inhibit growth of many cancer types, while causing low toxicity in normal human cells.

Using GIS Mapping to Understand the Burden of Trauma in East Africa

The World Health Organization estimates trauma causes 5 million deaths each year, 90% of those deaths occurring in low-to-middle income countries. While improved outcomes have been noted when resources are focused on improving staff training, infrastructure, supplies availability, and process organization, the burden of injury in Kenya is not fully known and significant injury and death from major traumas occur frequently.

Coherence of discourse of individuals with mild cognitive impairment: Relationships between language and memory.

The objective of this study is to uncover the relationship between cognitive deterioration and language performance in populations with dementia. The method used for this protocol does not require that words and grammar be taken into consideration but rather investigates coherence of discourse, which has the potential to be applied to studies of languages other than English with minimal need for adaptation of the test due to linguistic restrictions.

A new paradigm for the discovery of anti-cancer drugs based on tumour RNA disruption

While chemotherapy drugs are effective in combating tumour growth in cancer patients, many such drugs permit the development of drug-resistant tumours and progression of the disease. We have observed that several chemotherapy agents induce the degradation of tumour cell ribonucleic acid (RNA) in the laboratory and in cancer patients. We have further shown that this RNA degradation is associated with complete tumour destruction after-treatment.

Dopamine Receptor Imaging in Dementia Using Hybrid PET/MRI

Although life expectancy is increasingly associated with the treatment of heart disease and cancer, there has been virtually no improvement in life expectancy for patients with dementia. Dementia has a devastating impact to the patient, family members and society because patients become dependent on family caregivers, who are then less productive in other aspects of our society. There is currently extensive research to investigate possible treatments but a major problem is that there are many different forms of dementia which require different treatments.

Site-specific Immunomodulators for COPD

Qu Biologics is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing and evaluating an innovative immunotherapeutic approach to treating disease rooted in immune pathology/dysfunction. Qu’s proprietary technology platform, site-specific immunomodulators (SSI), act to stimulate the body’s own immune system to reverse the chronic inflammation underlying many conditions including cancer and immune-mediated diseases. For lung diseases, Qu’s platform SSI, QBKPN, is derived from Klebsiella pneumonia.

Broadband Internet Policy and Farmers’ Collective Agency in Vietnam

Vietnam approved the national rural information and communication plan in 2011 that includes the building of a 420 million CAD broadband network infrastructure intended to link all smallest administrative units by 2015. However, the country has not achieved this goal yet. Vietnam has experienced countless failures in rolling out Information Communication Technology systems mainly because of a top-down diffusion approach which sees users as passive recipients.

Characterization of infarct-sparing mechanisms of Celastrol and related compounds

The ability to repair or regenerate damaged heart presents a major challenge in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Current treatments are unsuccessful to regenerate dead myocardium and fail to address the challenge caused by the early loss of cardiac cells. The use of a new drug to stimulate protection of the heart during an ongoing myocardial infarct would be very relevant to the clinical setting, to help patients suffering from heart attack.

Redevelopment of PHOPHLO as a tablet based screening tool forthe school environment

The Intern will develop a tablet based version of a test that identifies French-speaking children at school entry who are at risk for problems learning to read and write. The project will provide an opportunity for a doctoral candidate with a dual academic background in computer science and linguistics to gain skills and experience in applied settings. The project is consistent with CRIM’s mandate to support the development of innovative IT solutions and the training of highly qualified personnel.