Lululemon: Sports Bra Comfort Assessment

Female breasts experience large displacements during physical activities such as running and jumping. This can lead to problems such as breast discomfort, and even chronic neck and back pain. However, correctly designed sports bras can alleviate some of these symptoms, and enable women to exercise with greater comfort. lululemon Athletica strives to develop a sports bra with optimal support and comfort.

Snow avalanche risk management

Managing the risks from snow avalanches during winter mountain travel is vital for the Canadian avalanche industry. An average of 14 avalanche-related fatalities per year occurred between 1997 and 2014 with the majority of those
triggering the avalanches themselves. We propose a detailed examination of avalanche risk management practices using the conceptual model for avalanche hazard and the Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing 5-Step Checklist System.

Etiology, prevention and rehabilitation of shoulder injuries in elite swimmers and waterpolo players: a longitudinal study

Chronic shoulder injuries are common in athletes competing in overhead sports such as waterpolo, swimming and synchronized swimming. These injuries are costly both financially and in terms of performance to the athletes and sport organizations. The purpose of this project is to create new sport-specific clinical and functional assessment protocols and to improve training strategies for shoulder injury prevention and elite sport performance.

Mind-sets at White Water West: Analysis and Instructional Intervention

This research project will investigate the attitudes and beliefs towards learning and different kinds of training programs at a company called White Water West, with the intention of then addressing any identified problem through the design, development, and implementation of learning programs and materials. This proposal is for a single internship unit of four months, focused on analyzing the situation for a potential problem, and the design of a recommended solution.

Building Language-Based Tourism Opportunities in Haida Gwaii, Canada

The purpose of this project is to work with the Haida to implement a community-based tourism program to support the development and revitalization of their language. Based on the findings of a doctoral thesis undertaken with the community, the program will support culturally appropriate uses of language within tourism settings. Foundational to the program is supporting language relationships, meaning the people, networks, and associations within the community that serve to create a mutually supportive speaking environment.

The effect of using roller massager on cortical and spinal excitability

Myofascial pain syndrome can lead to chronic pain. With fatigue or trauma, muscle spindle reflexes activate spinal motoneurones causing them to fire constantly leading to spasm. These reflex signals can also be transmitted to the brain as well. It could be hypothesized that if massage therapy (roller massager included) could regulate cortical and spinal motoneurone excitability, it may also decrease unnecessary reflex activity. Previous investigations from our lab demonstrated that applying massage over the musculotendinous junction could diminish the motoneurone excitability.

" Sports injury preventionfor all *Renewal, previous title ""Development of an online and customizable corporate challenge and integrated workplace wellness tracking and self-monitoring platform""" estimates the risk levels of preventable injuries associated with training program, training response, recovery and health status by continuously more than 20 evidence-based overtraining and injury markers and risk factors. Each marker is statistically analyzed on an individual basis and results are presented in a simple and meaningful way, along with actionable ‘how to fix’ advices that can be used by coaches and parents to reduce the risk. This new product will benefit to the company Fitstats Technologies Inc.

Dispositif mécatronique à faible consommation énergétique pour la commande électrique d’un embrayage

De nos jours, la réduction de la consommation énergétique pour les véhicules routiers est une problématique importante dans l’industrie automobile. Cependant, elle ne doit pas se faire au détriment de la qualité d’utilisation du véhicule. À titre d'exemple, une tendance claire observée chez les manufacturiers automobiles est le remplacement des systèmes de direction assistée hydrauliques par des systèmes électriques. Le projet de recherche lancé ici vise à concevoir un système d'actuation innovant, éco-énergétique et économique pour un embrayage.

Exploring a century of change through repeat photography on the Alsek River

Historical survey images of mountains, glaciers, vegetation, and river features captured during the 1906 Alaska Border Survey will be repeated on the Alsek River by PhD student Christopher Rhodes. The sites of the original images will be accessed by river rafting during expeditions with Canadian River Expeditions down the Alsek River. The goal is to track landscape and ecological changes using repeat photography. For the intern, this is a critical component of his PhD thesis.

Neural Network Model for Predicting NBA Shot Outcome

As the game of basketball evolved, analysis of the game has also grown from taking average of field goal percentage to more complex analytics. In the 2013-2014 season, the NBA has installed the SportVU Player Tracking technology in every NBA arena. SportVU collects 25 frames of data per second, each frame containing the (x,y) coordinates of each of the 10 players and the (x,y,z) coordinates of the basketball.