Machining process monitoring at PWC by using machine learning and advanced artificial intelligence techniques

Pratt & Whitney Canada (PWC) seeks to improve the monitoring of its machining process aiming to reduce cost and prevent the tools, workpieces and machine damages during the machining. To achieve this improvement, data mining and advanced artificial intelligence technique which called Logical Analysis of Data (LAD) is used. LAD has ability to identify conditions of tools and of determining which machining conditions can indicate the tool failure or degradation is happening, and which can be considered redundant.

2015 Mitacs Industry Award for Exceptional Leadership: TandemLaunch

Montreal-based start-up incubator TandemLaunch is the recipient of the Mitacs Industry Award for Exceptional Leadership for its contributions in creating opportunities for Canada’s next generation of entrepreneurs.

Engineering student from Mexico is making strides in prosthesis design at Polytechnique

Luz Anchondo Vásquez has always had an interest in helping people. She’s combining that interest with her mechatronics background, thanks to the Globalink Research Internship.

Luz first heard about the Globalink Research Internship through her university, Mexico’s Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Chihuahua. With the support of a friend who was a previous intern, Luz applied and was matched on a project with Dr. Lionel Birglen at École Polytechnique de Montréal’s Mechanical Engineering department.

Modeling and Simulation of an aircraft environmental control system (part of the Integrated Cabin Comfort Analytical Tool)

Among the different sub-systems in an aircraft, the environmental control system is the one responsible for the control of temperature, pressure and humidity in the cabin and is crucial to passenger comfort. This system has around 40 components including heat exchangers, compressors, and turbines. Recirculation at different levels complexifies the modeling and simulation of such a system. The importance of modeling this system lies in the fact that one has to verify that the cabin comfort is assured under various operating conditions.

Intra-arterial therapeutic dissolution of plaques in coronary and peripheral arterial diseases

Atherosclerosis is a disease characterized by chronic inflammation and LDL deposition in the lumen of the arteries. This process can result in stenosis or thrombosis. More than 33% of Canadian deaths in 2011 were due to cardiovascular events (major chronic diseases surveillance online). Canadians lose an average of 4.5 years of life expectancy due to CVD.

Improving efficiency and safety in aviation industry using big data analytics (phase II)

Aviation industry uses flight data recorders (FDR) to monitor a high number of parameters during each flight it operates. It is expected that analyzing this data will provide useful information to airlines for improving flight safety and efficiency. However, this analysis is a challenging task in itself because the amount of accumulated data is enormous and also because it is diverse. To overcome these difficulties, data is first preprocessed (or cleaned) and only significant parameters are kept.

Organic Electrochemical Transistors for Biosensor and ioelectronic Applications

Organic electrochemical transistors (OECTs) are emerging as important rival in the field of organic bioelectronics. The core of OECT devices is an organic conducting polymer channel, defined by source and drain electrodes, ionically connected to the gate electrode via an electrolyte solution. Prior to the application of gate voltage (Vgs) the source-drain current measured upon application of a drain-source voltage only depends on the intrinsic conductance of the polymer.

Conception et création d’un nouveau matériau issu de la fusion du verre et d’un autre solide (céramique, verre…)

Les verres d’oxydes occupent présentement une place considérable dans tous les secteurs industriels. L’intérêt majeur de ces verres réside dans leur large éventail de propriétés grâce à la possibilité de créer des objets personnalisés pour répondre aux demandes d'une application particulière. De ce fait, l’innovation est essentielle pour découvrir des nouveaux verres qui peuvent être utilisés dans diverses applications où les verres de silice classiques ont déjà atteint leurs limites de performance.

Developing a newly tunable Phase-Mask Interferometer for Fiber Bragg Grating inscription

Fiber Bragg gratings (FBGs) have attracted considerable interest in the past three decades as a key technology in different applications. The intention of this project is to develop a FBG writing technique based on a scanning tunable Phase-Mask Interferometer using different UV lasers. The project includes optimizing the tunability of the interferometer, and analyzing the specific problem situations encountered in the process in order to develop the interrogation methods of the proposed technique.

Automatic Musical Classification for Intelligent Audio Tools

MixGenius works on automated musical production by real-time musical genre detection. High accuracy of genre detection for a variety of sub-genres is required for quality production and has yet to be achieved. The project involves researching available real-time high-accuracy musical genre detection methods and improving upon them, extracting each genre’s audio features, calibrating the algorithm with a database of songs of different genres, testing them with other songs of the same genres and repeating the process as needed to improve detection accuracy.