Innovative design of a sound numerical model calibration process: from lab tests to input data

Geomechanica Inc. develops simulation software (Irazu) for rock engineering applications. This numerical software has been used in several peer-reviewed research publications in the rock mechanics field. A key challenge in the numerical modelling of rock masses is the selection of
appropriate input parameters. The objective of this work is to develop a solution to streamline the laboratory testing and integration of the results into Irazu models. As a result, the time needed to build a model will be significantly reduced and the uncertainties in the model inputs will be

Processes Governing Hydrocarbon Movement in Heterogenous Soils

Groundwater contamination by hydrocarbon fuels such as gasoline and diesel fuel is a serious threat to the environment and human health. Sources of this contamination include leaking underground storage tanks, pipleline breaks, tanker truck accidents and train derailments. There is a need for improved understanding of the mobility of hydrocarbon fuels in the subsurface to allow more accurate risk assessment and design of more effective remediation schemes.

Investigation of biomarkers of response to treatment with marizomib in GBM patients

Development of cancer is mainly due to uncontrolled cell growth and the proteasome is a cellular component that regulates this process. Resistance to chemotherapy is the main reason for cancer treatment failure, and therefore,there is a need for development of new and potent drugs. Recent studies have shown that proteasome inhibitors effectively inhibit growth of many cancer types, while causing low toxicity in normal human cells.

Injection molded bioprinter cartridges

Patients who suffer from severe burns require immediate wound closure to ensure survival and facilitate healing. The current gold standard in surgical practice is the use of split-surface autographs, allographs, or skin substitutes, but limitation range from the lack of layered tissue organization, the potential for immunological rejection, and the need for high quantities of donated tissue.

Enhancement of a Pharmacogenomic Treatment Decision Support Tool for Schizophrenia - Year two

The GeneSight (GS) Psychotropic Test (AssureRx Health, Inc.) measures individual variations in drug-related genes and recommends optimal drug choices for individual patients. A clinical study will be conducted to validate novel gene markers of antipsychotic-induced weight gain for use in an enhanced version of GS. Sarah Groleau will be responsible for genotyping DNA from 600 schizophrenia patients to evaluate which of the significant gene variants (UofT/CAMH) predict the most troubling side effect of antipsychotic medications: weight gain and metabolic syndrome.

Coherence of discourse of individuals with mild cognitive impairment: Relationships between language and memory.

The objective of this study is to uncover the relationship between cognitive deterioration and language performance in populations with dementia. The method used for this protocol does not require that words and grammar be taken into consideration but rather investigates coherence of discourse, which has the potential to be applied to studies of languages other than English with minimal need for adaptation of the test due to linguistic restrictions.


The student will work in a drinking water engineering research laboratory at the University of Toronto to explore an aspect related to the novel use of ultraviolet light and chlorine to destroy hard-to-treat contaminants in drinking water. Previous work by this lab has shown that this form of treatment can be effective, but it is important to determine whether there may be undesirable chemical by-products formed. The student will monitor for the potential formation of these by-products under a range of simulated treatment conditions.

Evaluating options for the experimental design of an integrated green roof and rainwater cistern

Green roof and water cistern technologies are increasingly becoming important components of sustainable building practices and urban water management. However, the two technologies are rarely designed as an integrated system. This goal of this project is develop an experimental design to test the reuse of cistern water for irrigation in green roofs. This experiment will be designed for the new research facilities of the Green Roof Innovation Testing Laboratory at the University of Toronto.

Measurement Verification And Modelling of W-Band Imager and Harvester

Beyond the spectrum of visible light lies a window of frequencies called the W-Band which illuminates a world normally unseen to the naked eye and can be the vessel for energy without wires. In order to see this world normally unseen, we have developed a unique circuit topology which has shown signs of truly state-of-the-art performance while consuming zero energy, occupying less area than the head of a sewing needle, and costing less than any of its competitors. Although promise has been shown by this new device, further investigation is demanded.

Investigating the involvement of sleep pathways in absence seizures

Absence seizures are the most common form of epilepsy in children. These patients often experience transient episodes of impaired consciousness, which have an enormous impact on their quality of life. We are proposing to identify the neural substrates for these seizures. These experiments would provide the basis of future experimental studies examining the biological basis of impaired consciousness and epilepsy, as well as be the first step towards evolving new pharmacologic or stimulation paradigms designed to control absence epilepsy.