Brazilian systems analyst finds her footing in Toronto’s IT sector

The MScAC degree is a unique two-year program that pairs graduate students with information technology companies for internships, following eight months of advanced courses in computer science. Caroline jumped at the opportunity to apply her skills in a business environment through a Mitacs Accelerate internship, a research grant awarded for students in the program.

Optimizing response prediction by an interactive tutoring system

The aim of the project is to increase the intelligence of an automated, online tutoring system, using state-of-the-art techniques and concepts from cognitive science and computer science. This will be accomplished by integrating more data about each learner, and by implementing a more advanced model able to predict learner behaviour. The improved system will better be able to gauge and represent the knowledge levels of individual learners, based on their answers to questions posed by the system.

Guide to Safer Streets near Schools

This project aims to help make neighbourhoods safer, healthier, and more economically vibrant by encouraging people of all ages to walk, cycle, and roll. Fewer children than ever before are walking and biking to school due to parents’ fears that local roads are unsafe. Unsafe roads and unwelcome pedestrian environments also negatively effect local businesses. Research shows that by reducing speeds and improving pedestrian crossings, road safety and economic vitality are enhanced.

Envisioning an International Community: Proletarian Arts in East Asia

This project explores the relation between internationalism and leftist literature in early twentieth century China and East Asia. A study of internationalism amongst leftist movements offers important insights into technologies and strategies for building coalitions across national, linguistic and cultural boundaries. I propose that examining workers organizations and their literary and cultural links to internationalism in early twentieth century China and East Asia help us better understand the wider implications of literary practices in modern literatures and societies.

The logic of violence in the Mexican Drug War

Most studies on violence employed by criminal groups are based upon the idea that illegal business, much like legal companies, benefit from the stability, certainty, and freedom that can be found in peaceful locations. Because violence generates mistrust, makes trade more costly, and draws the attention of the police, it is usually assumed that criminals will attempt to minimize their use of violence.

Shanghai Teachers’ Experiences of Reciprocal Learning on a Shifting Shanghai-Toronto Interschool Landscape

While the term “reciprocal learning” intuitively suggests two or more parties learning from each other with a sense of mutuality, understanding and respect; the concept, when promoted in a multi-year, multi-stakeholders collaborative studies of Chinese and Canadian school education, became less straightforward, leading to various research puzzles, intricacies and consequences.

Testing the response of sand samples to cyclic loading under different boundary conditions

Local site conditions can strongly influence the amplitude and duration of ground motion during an earthquake. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze and understand the mechanical properties of soils. By testing the same samples with similar conditions in different devices we can obtain more accurate results for dynamic loading tests and imitate the stress history that a soil might experience. The preparatory work will include a series of tests that will be held at Ben Gurion University under the supervision of Dr.

Large-Eddy-Simulation of Brain Aneurysms

Rupture of cerebral aneurysms often leads to mortality or sever morbidity in most cases. Pathogenesis of aneurysms has been attributed to abnormal flow-induced forces that act on the vessel walls. These forces are typically measured by first recreating patient’s aneurysm model from medical images, and, afterwards, using these as input for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to simulate blood flow.

SMART Technologies for the Classroom: Supporting Collaboration and Inquiry Year Two

Since 1991 SMART Technologies has infused classrooms around the world with powerful interactive technologies, principally the “SMART Board” which sets a standard for interactive whiteboards. The SMART Board has been featured in many innovative designs for learning and instruction - some coming from academic research, and many from classroom teachers as they integrate touch boards into their own instructional practice.

Building the cycling economy beyond the urban core

Cycling for transportation increases local economic benefits by: improving the local business environment; reducing commercial vacancies; and increasing sales and employment opportunities (Stabinski, 2009; Walljasper, 2012; Racca and Dhanju, 2006; New York City DOT, 2013). This project will study how targeted interventions to increase cycling for transportation in Scarborough can advance cycling participation, job creation, social inclusion and environmental quality.