Improved Numerical Combustion Models for Predicting and Reducing Pollutant Emissions in Gas Turbine Engines

Gas turbine engines are the primary propulsion device for today’s aircraft. These engines operate on liquid hydrocarbon-based fuels and as such can yield a range of undesirable pollutants including gaseous emissions such as nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO), green-house gases (GHG, largely CO2, really a combustion product) and unburned hydrocarbons (UHC), as well as nanometer-sized carbonaceous particulate matter or soot.

Rapid Operations Planning for Space Robotics Using Machine Learning

Few things in space flight are routine. Before each time MDA operates the International Space Station’s famous Canadarm2, thousands of simulations must be performed to ensure the success and safety of the operation. This research intends to streamline the process of operations planning for Canadarm2 by using machine learning to predict key outputs from these simulations. If a particular case appears problematic, the algorithm can suggest why and allow MDA to focus their efforts on preventing the issue without having to perform a lengthy analysis of all possible cases.

Extension of AWSOM to Strut-Braced Wings

Bombardier is interested in investigation a novel aircraft configuration known as the strut-braced wing configuration, which is has the potential for improved fuel efficiency relative to current tube and wing aircraft. However, Bombardier’s preliminary multipdisciplinary design optimization tools need to be extended in order to be applicable to this configuration. The intern will extend the capabilities of Bombardier’s tools to enable sizing of strut-braced wing.

Human Errors Analysis in an Aircraft Engine Assembly Center

Human operators show significant variability in performance when operating in complex manufacturing systems that are usually referred to human errors. Such errors are identified as the failure to perform an action within the safe operating limit and often lead to product quality defects. Approximately 50%-80% of the incidents and accidents in safety-critical systems have been associated with human error.

Ice accretion formation, its location and severity detection

As one of the most cost-competitive forms of renewable energy, the wind has remarkable potential for fulfilling the increasing demand for global energy in an environmentally responsible way. Wind turbines in cold climate are becoming one of the most popular trends for wind energy developments. Because of highly variable operational conditions, wind turbines demand a high degree of maintenance to provide a safe, cost-effective and reliable power output with acceptable equipment life.

Process quality control in electropolishing

Passive Action (PA) has established know-how and technology to finish metal parts for a wide range of applications (e.g. storage racks for the pharmaceutical industry). They use an electropolishing to achieve this finish of metal parts. This technology has shown its economic advantages over other conventional techniques for surface smoothening and deburring (remove sharp edges).

Cinema Sidewall - Aircraft Sidewall for Projection of Visual Content

With the rise in fuel prices, operators are constantly pushing aircraft manufacturers to find new ways to reduce their aircraft’s operating costs. One of the objectives of this project is to create a Bombardier toolkit for the C Series. This will allow the operators to input parameters such as the miss-rigging present on their control surfaces, missing components, damage that occurred to the aircraft during flight or on the ground. Using Bombardier’s proprietary information, the fuel burn occurring due to these issues can be computed.


Maintenance Engineering (ME) at Bombardier Aerospace, Toronto is currently offering a 3-day-in-class Reliability and Maintenance Cost Training to airlines operating Bombardier products. The idea behind this training package is to increase the understanding of the breadth of data that needs to be collected to make logical inferences and analytical methods that can be applied to make judgements about improving both the reliability performance and availability of the fleet, aircraft, system, sub-system or component.

Development and Evaluation of Corrosion Behaviour of Co-Based Alloys for Power Generators

With the increased demand for electric power and the need to reduce green house gas emission, newer power plants (fossil fuel or nuclear based) are being designed with elevated turbine inlet temperature to improve thermodynamic efficiencies and achieve other benefits. The much severe operating conditions (than that in the existing power plants) presents great challenges to material selections.

Aerodynamic Study of Novel Long Range Cargo UAV

The Project contributes to the development of a field-ready and commercially useful long-range cargo unmanned aerial vehicle, including analyses of flight envelope and performance characteristics.